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A to Z Solutions & Support Listing

  • Account Recordkeeping
    Our Account Recordkeeping Services allow you to confidently offer Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (CESAs), while outsourcing the back office operations to us.
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    Annual Report Filing Services
    Our Annual Report Solutions keep your business compliant with your state's annual report requirements

    Apostille & Authentication
    An Apostille is a certificate issued by a designated authority in a country that is a member of the Hague Convention. Conveniently get your business documents properly certified for use abroad.

    ARTA Lending
    ARTA Lending documentation system is designed to generate loan documents for routine and high-volume lending transactions.
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    Automated Valuation Models
    AVMs can be generated in 30-seconds, providing you with an affordable property valuation report for refinances and equity loans.

    BasisPro is a calculator that offers a simple way to determine accurate cost basis-saving time and minimizing error risk.

    Business Analytics
    OneSumX Business Analytics provides a quick yet powerful way to leverage the data and results held in the OneSumX platform and other external data sources

    Business License Solutions
    Managing business licenses is a crucial but tricky part of your business. Our range of business license solutions can help you stay compliant.

    Business Licenses Hub
    Easily track and maintain your business license data with our secure web application.

    Capital Changes
    Capital Changes delivers rich and comprehensive corporate actions tax content covering daily and historical U.S. and international corporate events
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    CASH Suite™
    A powerful commercial lending software solution that helps business lenders increase profits and grow top line revenue by achieving straight-through-processing across every step of the commercial loan lifecycle.
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    CASH Workflow
    Provides visibility and control of your commercial lending process.
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    CISR™ 8937
    CISR™ 8937 provides fielded corporate action, security and taxability details and links to the original Form 8937-saving time and reducing resource burdens.

    Compliance Documents-Commercial Lending
    Our lending line of paper documents can help facilitate your consumer and commercial lending process at all stages, including application, processing, closing, and post closing.

    Compliance Documents-Consumer Lending
    Our lending line of paper documents can help facilitate your consumer lending process at all stages, including application, processing, closing, and post closing.

    Compliance Documents-Mortgage
    U.S. mortgage lenders have relied upon the compliance content, documents and technology behind Wolters Kluwer's VMP Mortgage Solutions brand for more than 40 years.

    Compliance Resource Network
    Compliance Resource Network keeps you up to date on regulatory changes with daily personalized updates, dashboards and research capabilities.

    ComplianceOne is a highly configurable loan origination solution and loan processing system that provides you with access to a wide range of features that you can choose and activate when your business needs them.

    ComplianceOne® assumption lending
    ComplianceOne® assumption lending is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that assists in the end-to-end management of your retail mortgage business.

    ComplianceOne® mortgage
    ComplianceOne mortgage helps you originate in-house and secondary market consumer closed-end loans within a SaaS based, flexible workflow that interfaces with many cores and B2Bs! ComplianceOne mortgage, offered as a SaaS solution, can be utizlied with ComplianceOne lending or ARTA Lending.
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    ComplianceOne® manager
    ComplianceOne manager is a SaaS business process management (BPM) tool that can be used with your ComplianceOne or ARTA Lending solution or by itself with another LOS.
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    ComplianceOne® deposit
    ComplianceOne deposit helps you benefit from consistency across your deposit products with one product that does it all! Including opening savings, CD, IRA, and HSA accounts.
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    ComplianceOne® lending
    ComplianceOne lending will help you enjoy a more efficient lending process through easy to understand template designs. Originate consumer and commercial lending loans including commercial real estate, agriculture, construction loans and HE loans, all in one place.
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    ComplianceOne® interfaces
    Used to connect ComplianceOne functionality to your core processors or add-on business-to-businesses systems to help you become more efficient.
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    CompliSource helps residential and indirect lenders reduce the time spent on regulatory intelligence required to manage their existing compliance documentation.

    Conduct public record searches, retrieve and view actual UCC and corporate records, create filings and keep track of your entire portfolio.
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    Corporate Actions Taxability Management Suite
    Tax, legal and operations professionals count on us for unparalleled foreign and domestic corporate actions tax content and technology for compliance with the cost basis law.

    Corporate Document Filings & Retrievals (EIN, Good Standing, GMEI, LEI)
    CT can help file or retrieve any document your business requires.

    Cost Basis Reporting Compliance
    Wolters Kluwer has the in-depth expertise and proven technology you need to comply with the cost basis reporting law.

    CRA Wiz®
    CRA Wiz ® from Wolters Kluwer applies a wide range of fully customizable automation technologies to your CRA reporting process-from guaranteed accurate geocoding to flexible reporting to intelligent analysis.
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    CT Advantage Software
    CTAdvantage is your command center for managing all your projects, filings, orders and due diligence.

    CT Assurance
    CT Assurance handles your evolving compliance need, providing you with budget predictability and scalable support throughout the lifecycle of your business.

    Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Application
    Keeps clients' most sensitive data secure by managing IT security risk across law firms and other legal service providers
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    Dissolution / Withdrawal
    Dissolving a company properly is important to avoid fines, penalties, and a potential loss of liability protection. We can assist you with the Secretary of State filing.

    Document Creation/Review Services
    Producing deposit account disclosures that accurately reflect your bank's specific policies, products, and services is one of the most complex and confusing areas of financial institution compliance.

    Due Diligence Services (Lien & Judgment, KYC, AML, Litigation & Bankruptcy searches)
    With our broad range of due diligence searches and charting capabilities, you can rely on us as your partner throughout the entire deal—saving you time, hassle, and money.

    Electronic Forms (E-Forms)

    Entity Managed Services
    Entity Managed Services is an on-demand information management service for all of your entity compliance documents and information.

    Entity Management Software / hCue
    A best-in-class centralized platform that enables the efficient and secure handling of all your legal entity data—at the local, state, national and global level.

    Wolters Kluwer E-Sign is an electronic signature solution built with the banking industry in mind so you know it's secure and compliant.

    Expere is a centralized document system that seamlessly serves multiple lines of business and channels

    FCATS™ & DCATS™ automate delivery of the essential corporate actions tax details you need to adjust the basis of your covered securities to meet the requirements of this law.

    Fair Lending Wiz®
    Fair Lending Wiz is a complete and automated fair lending management solution.
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    Flood Determination Services
    Wolters Kluwer Flood Certifications sets the industry standard in providing the most accurate, efficient flood hazard determinations at the lowest possible price.

    Formations & Foreign Qualification Services
    Incorporation is the process of forming a legal business entity. Explore the most popular business types, such as LLC (limited liability company), S Corp (S Corporation), and C Corp (C Corporation) and how CT's experts can help your business incorporate, or expand your business in another state

    FundTax leverages GainsKeeper's tax lot accounting system for transaction processing and excise tax reporting.

    GainsKeeper calculates, tracks and reports cost basis, adjusted for corporate actions and wash sales for 1099 tax reporting and offers a suite of tax smart tools

    GainsKeeper CompleteDebt™
    CompleteDebtâ„¢ provides the full range of debt functionality available on our GainsKeeper enterprise system today as a stand-alone solution

    Global Corporate Services
    From incorporation to dissolution, major mergers and acquisitions, registered agent services and all the day-to-day compliance needs in between.

    HMDA Wiz®
    HMDA Wiz® is an easy-to-use web-based solution for HMDA compliance management. HMDA Wiz automates the collection, verification and certification of HMDA data without increasing loan processing time or the need to retrain staff.
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    Complete nationwide filing services for loan- and lease-related documentation

    iLien RED
    Save time and cost by delivering more efficient, transparent and compliant mortgage back-end processing. iLienRED® (Real Estate Documents) enables the creation, management and recordation of mortgage related documents. In addition, because there is no software, there are no IT upgrades.

    Independent Director Services
    During a financial transaction, an Independent Director plays a critical role by serving on the board of directors for a special purpose entity and helping to manage the loan.

    Insurance Forms Content Integration Servicess
    Our library of more than 40,000 forms in print and electronic formats is the largest available today

    Insurance Forms Reference Guides
    Our Forms Reference Guides lists the different property casualty insurance forms that we service.

    IntelliChart is an automated summary of search results that pulls data and images from the public record into a chart of results.

    LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer
    Using a combination of machine learning, experienced legal professionals, and LegalVIEW data, helps corporate legal and claims departments simplify the invoice review process to control and reduce legal spend
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    LegalVIEW Benchmarking
    Compare legal performance on multiple dimensions and benchmark matter costs, timekeeper rates, and staffing allocations across a wide range of industries, practice areas, and geographies
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    LegalVIEW Dashboards
    Provide business intelligence and at-a-glance views of key metrics and analytics for legal spend and legal operations
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    LegalVIEW Data Contributor Alliance Program
    A growing pool of contributors from corporate legal and insurance claims departments who wish to contribute anonymous billing and matter data to LegalVIEW
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    Lien Corporate Document Retrieval
    Flexible, scalable solutions for due diligence, including federal and state tax liens, litigation, bankruptcy records and other information to help you mitigate risk in your portfolio.

    Lien Filings
    Don’t wonder – know that requirements are fulfilled and best practices followed. Ensure compliance with the complete set of Lien Solutions workflow and automation for lien filing.
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    Lien Flood Determinations
    Determining potential flood risk is critical to the loan approval process for transactions in which real property is involved. Get Flood Zone Determinations right from your desktop through iLien.

    Lien Management
    The web-based, user-friendly iLien Solution automatically monitors dates, prepares forms and files continuation statements. This significantly reduces time spent managing your portfolio, allowing you to be proactive and focus on other priorities.
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    Lien Solutions
    Lien Solutions delivers filing, lien search, debtor and business entity monitoring, lien portfolio management, mortgage recording, mortgage assignment and special report services, as well as mortgage document solutions.
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    Medici Commercial Lending Documentation System is a database-driven software system that dynamically generates commercial loan documents.
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    Mergers & Acquisitions Compliance
    We understand the complexity involved in business compliance for mergers and acquisitions. We’ve assisted thousands of businesses through them and can do the same for you.

    Mortgage Related Document Completion & Recordation
    Lien Solutions helps you complete and record real estate related instruments that affect the title of real estate to publicly document land titles and interests. iLienRED, our web-based platform, lets you complete and record assignments, full or partial releases. Or, send us your prepared and executed document such as an origination, modification etc. Lien Solutions will calculate the fee, overnight to the jurisdiction and track until recorded.

    Motor Vehicle Lien Solutions
    You can depend on Lien Solutions for better ways to handle title processing and management. We streamline workflow, speed perfection and support you throughout consumer and commercial lending. At every step, you benefit from 75+ combined years of experience, and working knowledge of every US jurisdiction.
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    NILS INsource®
    OneSumX NILS INsource provides a web-based tool for efficient and effective research, allowing insurers to monitor the vast array of regulatory material and assess compliance impact.

    NILS Red Books
    The NILS Red Books Service delivers the full range of regulatory information that America's insurers, reinsurers, agents and brokers need to comply and compete.

    The OneSumX ecosystem of solutions provides financial institutions with unparalleled capabilities to analyze, interpret and address their compliance management, finance, regulatory reporting and risk management obligations.

    OneSumX Business Analytics
    OneSumX Business Analytics provides a quick yet powerful way to leverage the data and results held in OneSumX Finance, Risk and Regulatory Reporting solutions for improved decision making, agility, and ROI on existing infrastructure.

    OneSumX for Finance
    OneSumX for Finance helps financial organizations with a comprehensive suite of technologies to address IFRS, strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting as well as subledger accounting.

    OneSumX for Financial Risk Management
    As a contract-centric integrated financial risk management solution, OneSumX for Financial Risk Management generates expected and unexpected cash flows based on anticipated events over the lifetime of the contract. These events reflect the outlook for the macro economy, market risk factors, the strategy of the firm and the expected behaviour of its counterparties.

    OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting
    Our market-leading regulatory reporting enables firms to navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure regulatory compliance. The solution covers various types of reporting, including Financial (e.g. FINREP), Prudential (e.g. COREP, BCAR, FRY-14), Transactional (e.g. MiFID II), Statistical (e.g. Economic & Financial Statistics), Granular (e.g. AnaCredit) and Multi-dimensional (e.g. Smart Cubes) reporting.

    The industry’s most powerful platform for enterprise legal management
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    Passport AFAs Module
    A comprehensive set of tools that enables legal and claims departments to successfully negotiate and establish AFAs with their legal service providers
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    Passport Collaboration Portal 
    Empowers legal and claims departments to securely collaborate with their legal service providers
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    Passport Claims Defense
    e-Billing and matter management solution that helps P&C insurers manage claims litigation and control legal spend
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    Passport Claims Defense - Case Management for Staff Counsel
    Aligns litigation management and analytics so staff counsel can effectively and efficiently manage their cases while maintaining the tripartite relationship with claims professionals and clients
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    Passport Claims Defense - Litigation Management for Claims Professionals
    Aligns litigation management and analytics to help insurers assign the right cases to the right counsel at the right cost
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    Passport Collaboration Module
    Easily capture timekeeper, accrual, budget, and matter status-related data with outside counsel
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    Passport Connector Library
    Pre-packaged integrations between Passport and complementary solutions for a seamless, automated flow of data and processes
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    Passport Connectors - Email and Desktop Integration
    Link the email and desktop tools that professionals use daily with Passport
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    Passport Connectors - Legal Holds
    Enable bidirectional integration between Passport and a legal holds system, which tightly links a legal department’s matter management and discovery management processes
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    Passport Connectors - Service of Process
    Ensure that all legal notices are routed for timely review and response
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    Passport Data Warehouse
    Brings disparate data sources together, giving clients new visibility and actionable insights into their management of matters and claims, risk and compliance, and costs
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    Passport Diversity Module
    Drives and supports diversity initiatives by tracking the diversity data of legal service providers by firm and timekeeper
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    Passport Document Management
    Provides essential document management capabilities to any application built on Passport
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    Passport eDocketing Module
    Docketing and calendaring solution for Passport Claims Defense that allows staff counsel and legal administrators to more efficiently generate and assign date-driven events, deadlines, and activities per case
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    Passport Global E-Billing Tax Compliance Module
    Provides optional features and services to streamline management of VAT invoices and meet unique, country-specific VAT regulations
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    Passport Invoice Appeals Module
    Allows legal and claims professionals to initiate an invoice review with their vendors that eliminates resubmitting invoices for rejected or adjusted charges
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    Passport Legal Matter Management
    Optimizes legal department performance and enables more strategic management of matters and legal risk
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    Passport Legal Spend Management
    e-Billing and spend management solution that improves corporate counsel’s ability to manage and reduce costs
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    Passport Legal Service Request
    Helps corporate legal departments easily manage and monitor legal services requests from across the organization
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    Passport Office Companion
    Seamlessly access and manage your entire matter portfolio, invoices, and documents directly within the Microsoft® Office Suite
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    Passport Panel Management Module
    Gives legal operations professionals, panel managers and claims executives the ability to create and manage panels and associate matters to those panels for case assignment
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    Passport Pro
    Pre-defined legal matter and spend management solution that can easily expand as your business needs grow
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    Passport Toolkits
    Provide clients and partners with powerful capabilities to administer, configure, and extend Passport solutions
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    Passport Workflow and Rules Engines
    Automate and enforce business processes throughout all applications built on Passport and provide enterprise-scalable business process management capabilities
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    Print and Mail Fulfillment for Banks
    From printing and assembling to managing and distributing, your documents can be processed through us, saving you time and headaches!

    Real Rate Report® (powered by LegalVIEW®)
    The legal industry's leading benchmark for law firm rates and staffing trends based on actual invoice data, not surveys
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    Registered Agent Services
    Trusted by lawyers and more than 300 000 businesses, CT has been America's leading provider of registered agent services since 1892.

    Settlement Services
    Wolters Kluwer is your single source full flood compliance provider. Designed to fulfill automated settlement needs in one location, we offer services to provide immediate responses for automated valuation models, mortgage loan reports, and flood determination reports

    Service of Process Enterprise Connector / B2B Integration
    Securely integrate your internal matter management and legal e-billing solutions with our Service of Process management platform.

    Service of Process Hub
    CT's SOP Hub is a powerful, web-based tool for accessing your Service of Process (SOP) served on CT as your registered agent.

    A market-leading regulatory reporting solution, now a part of the OneSumX Regulatory Reporting suite, enables firms in the region to navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure regulatory compliance. The solution uses a single source of data to ensure consistency, reconciliation and accuracy.

    TeamMate® Audit Management System
    As the world's leading audit management software, TeamMate has revolutionized the industry, empowering audit departments of all sizes.

    Trademark Explorer
    Quickly check to see if the trademark you want is available.

    TSoftPlus™ is specifically designed to support SBA loan processing for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions without sacrificing compliance or risk management.
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    TyMetrix® 360°
    SaaS-based e-Billing and matter management solution
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    TyMetrix 360° AFAs Module
    A comprehensive set of tools that enables organizations to successfully negotiate and establish AFAs with legal service providers
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    TyMetrix 360° Diversity Module
    Drives and supports diversity initiatives by tracking the diversity data of legal service providers by firm and timekeeper
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    TyMetrix 360° Fast Pay Discount Module
    Improves the invoice review process and automates the management of the discount agreements that clients establish with law firms and other vendors
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    TyMetrix 360° Invoice Appeals Module
    Allows law firms and vendors to easily contest adjustments made by the corporate client during their invoice review and provide additional information that supports or justifies invoice charges
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    TyMetrix 360° Outlook (LegalCentre) Module
    Improves user adoption by enabling staff to perform day-to-day matter and case management activities from within Microsoft Outlook
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    TyMetrix 360° Panel Management Module
    Streamlines the process of assigning outside counsel
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    TyMetrix 360° Third-Party Bill Review Module
    Offers the ability to automatically send invoices to a third party, who performs a detailed review of all charges before the bill reaches a client’s own reviewers
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    TyMetrix 360° Timekeeper Rate Management Module
    Enables clients to approve and track rates by timekeeper role for all legal service providers
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    UCC Continuations
    UCC-3 fillings extend the life of the financing statement by five years.

    UCC Filing Hub
    No more redundant data entry and tedious checking for accuracy across multiple forms, the UCC filing hub is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform that offers you smart UCC automation.

    UCC Search and Filing Services
    Whether you need help with a single UCC search or a more complex due diligence strategy, we’ll help ensure your search and filing results are clear, comprehensive, and accurate.

    Uniform Forms™
    Containing more than 20,000 forms, the Uniform Forms library is the largest single source for property and casualty insurance forms.

    Vanceo™ Mortgage is a robust loan origination solution that helps you efficiently manage compliance while enabling faster close rates.

    Wiz® Compliance Dashboards
    Our reporting solution provides a consolidated view of your CRA and Fair Lending data, and lets you quickly analyze performance against goals and benchmarks.

    Wiz Sentinel®
    Wiz Sentinel® is a web-based solution that analyzes loans, either in real time at the point of sale or in batch for post-closing audit, to determine potential violations of prohibited lending practices.